Hex Signs

by Fern Mayo

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guitar/vocals: katie capri
bass: nicholas cummins
drums: brian orante

recorded & mixed by chris daly, salvation recordings
mastered by jamal ruhe, west west side music

album art by chelsea dirck


released July 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Fern Mayo Brooklyn, New York

happy forever

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Track Name: Pinesol
pine trees don't smell as sweet
as when you were next to me
barren evergreen trees
needles fall and prick my feet
but they don't feel a thing
they've felt loss and learned from it
they've felt lost and learned to stick
to wandering

it's not like you're the one i miss
it's the principle of it
all the story lines don't fit in single file
what would you do different
if you knew you wouldn't get
everything they promised
if you just stay still a bit longer
Track Name: New Ketamine
red flags hang like hex signs between
gaps in the skeleton trees
dead from winter's bleak sheen
set there warning me
against the well-intended poison
whispered in my ear
intentions seems useless
no matter the time of year

a fawn freezes in the light
just like her mother taught her
too scared to move
just cause it's tradition doesn't make it right
doesn't mean it's not best to escape the groove
tradition seems useless to me
tradition seems
content to continually
kill the i and the team

who do you listen to?
do you listen?
do you listen to,
do you listen?
Track Name: Moonshine Kingdom
comfort was killing me before i died
sticking your head in the mud
pretend to breath you're not alive

in a kingdom run on
moonshine and grapevines
tell yourself what you must to get by

if you're going to lie
you had better be right

sitting on the edge of your throne
you looked up to me
by a riverbank where the water's thicker than blood
and more toxic than we could see

in a kingdom run on
moonshine and grapevines
tell yourself what you must to get by

if you're going to
you'd better be right